We are an Australian based Tool Store, huge range, lowest prices and fast delivery! We pride ourselves on supplying great quality and value in tools and supplies across the building and construction industry, we function from inside an existing building company that we own and direct here in Brisbane, Australia. With our insights in building and construction we definitely have the edge when it comes to good products and seriously discounted prices. Our understandings in what it takes to be successful not only Australia wide but also world wide come from our experience and hands on knowledge of our pre-existing strong abilities in what it takes to complete a high quality job, and as licensing in Australia is considered one of the highest held in regards to standards our knowledge is adaptable across the globe. Our market leading systems in not only building but operations management, give us the ability to supply the right gear for the right processes for the right job. Resulting in savings back into our customers pockets.

If you haven’t already heard about Austools Direct, you’ve heard wrong!

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