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Welcome to Austools Direct! We are super excited to be here! First of all, just a little bit about us.

My name is Ben, i am one of the founders of Austools Direct along side Jack. But we’ll go back haha! I am a qualified carpenter-builder and my business partner Jack, is also a qualified carpenter-builder. You never used to have to say carpenter-builder before a lot of unqualified people (qualified or not) jack knifed the building industry. But just so you guys know, myself and Jack are both qualified carpenter-builders. With that, its easy to say we definitely have experience in not just the building and construction industry but also easily in the industry of tools. Our knowledge and experience soon spilled over, becoming our skill set when in just 10 months of deciding we would have a crack at playing our own game in the building industry, we had already formed a successful building company of about 20 people.

It was a growing year we know that, i myself was stretched to accomplish the things we did, but we did it. Me and Jack are very like minded when it comes to what we have to do, there is no excuses. If you bleed, you bleed and if you kill it you kill it. But we both knew you had to do what you had to do, and amongst the mayhem you still had to find the time for patience in your thoughts and honesty. A couple of months in and we knew we had this thing, as opportunity after opportunity started flowing. I had never met anyone like Jack before, he was a hard looking bloke but an honest one. How honest he was took me by surprise. I had been raised in a household where honesty was policy and morals were standard but even by first looking at Jack i could tell his up bringing was not similar to mine, but what threw me a bit was how honest he was. Originally i was contracting for myself under a company i had been working on for years, it was going ok. But it had no where near the potential of the company that was to come.

I was developing a block of about 12 triplex units down at Sunnybank when i found myself needing a crew desperately because of the workload. To be fair though, i took the job over from another building company that i knew, so when i started everything was ready to go full page. But beside the point, i remembered i had met Jack on another site about a month prior and i thought id give him a ring, knowing he was the man for the job and hoping he was available and i was pretty happy when i remembered him because he was a machine when i was working near him a few job prior on some units out at Springwood. So i gave him a rang and was stoked when he told me he’d come out and meet me on site to take a look and he was just finishing up a job and could possibly take it. So he did, he met me down on the Sunnybank site, we went for a walk through and he started with me the following Monday! Having that dude on site really made the pressures a little lighter, there’s just something about hard working people that are happy even while they bleed and he had it. Anyway, as time moved on we got some good work done together at that site and it was coming towards the finish. I knew i would loose him to his next job or who knows where if i did nothing, but what could i do? I’d been screwed over before and i drilled ‘never to trust anyone’ into myself but my choices were running thin if i wanted to keep Jack.

He was a smart bloke to, even if i kept him on doing smaller jobs for me eventually he would realise the potential he had and would move on. I realised i had two options really.. Either offer Jack something that he would hold him content for the next few years or watch him leave to go do another shitty pre-fab frame for these shitty building companies we knew.. So i offered him 50%, and when i did he looked shocked haha but the bastard had bigger trust issues than i did and believe me it wasn’t an easy thing for me to do, i walked in circles on that thought for a month. He asked me to sign a private partnership agreement, witnessed by a Justice Of The Peace and a bunch of other legal paper work. I’d never met anyone that made it so hard for a good deal to happen, but i knew it meant he was serious and confirmed to me that he was also smart. When i first met Jack i thought he was 30, and i was very surprised when i realised he was only 24! That blew me away and had me thinking, how smart was i for never realising that?! But i knew that didn’t matter, id seen him bleed sweat for months, 6 days a week with no time off..  I knew we had something good here.. Time went on and like i said, within 10 months we had a very successful company. We worked very hard, especially as our teams grew and we knew we had to perform to keep on the ball. But i have to say, things were easy with Jack. He had the mentality that was very very rare in a person. To put all feelings aside for the sake of a job, its definitely not something you can teach a person and i know that from good experience after having the amount of people work for me that i did. His dedication came selflessly, i knew he wanted to do well and i knew he was stoked with the opportunity but he was always looking out for others even when the storms were coming overhead. When things got hard he was continuously motivating and encouraging others, i was continuously thinking ‘who did this dude learn this stuff off’? Knowing at this point a bit about his up bribing and past, which appeared wasn’t all rainbows and candy..

As for me, my up bringing was a perfect one, i came from a family where my parents gave me everything. He definitely put a lot of questions in my head when it came to understanding people. He came from a bit of a darker place but yet he had this shining light character, that one stumped me a bit. You try to understand what makes a person the way they considering being able to evaluate a persons character plays a heavy role in the business world the way a good or bad business decision can hinge on a persons morality. But as many questions as i got from Jack i also got answers. You make the person you want to be by accepting nothing less than what you want from yourself by believing you will be a certain way, and he really proved that. Regardless of that, business was doing well and we went far. Within the first few months of business we went from doing single home and unit contracts to taking on entire developments, to building child care centres and 6,000 square meter schools! You can only try your best and work your hardest, learning through your success and mistakes to form a better picture of what ‘good’ looks like until you look back in hindsight and realise whats been done and with Jack by my side the ‘mission’ because possible.

We started pricing big jobs and started doing what we saw took other company years to complete, once we realised the potential we had in each other we knew we had a real mission to work towards and we knew we could make it. We both had a lot of great strengths and neither of us were over stepping out potentials, so we went hard at it. As the years went by, we knocked our goals out of the park and achieved more than i ever thought we could have! We realised our personal weakness and our personal strengths, we stuck by each other and helped each other where either of us needed help and encouraged each other through the good and bad. We realised we could do just about anything supporting each other and we decided to go hard, playing towards out strengths and we knew that was in the building industry. Before we even knew each other as individuals we were great carpenters, we were both really wired that way but together we were great. We both had a passion for building and for the industry and we both had a passion for tools, continuously talking of all the latest gear. Who was selling what and what features completed a good tool depending on its use. We probably bought too many just because we loved them so much, until one day comparing about 4 different drills we owned we joked about starting a company that tested and considered tools and which ones were good under different pressures as a bit of a side business, haha if only! More time went on and nothing changed, we were killing it in the building and construction scene!

To the point where we really had wraps on what we were doing and the only real next step for us was to start building and developing for ourselves, when the idea of what we had once joked about came up in conversation again, starting another business testing and selling gear. With time under our belt and a lot of experience and knowledge been had, we decided to start making some moves towards possibly making these ideas become a reality. We kept working away, never taking for granted the opportunities we were taking in the building game as we also started working away at creating what we now have today.  A second company staffed with experienced and knowledge teams capable of delivering the right products for the right jobs. Evaluation, reviewing, testing, understanding and selling tools of our trades and others – Austools Direct! So here we are, what a journey it really has been.. Excited for the what the future holds for us, stepping into a brand new industry. One where our strengths lie but new never the less. Thankful for all those who supported us over all the years, our employees, our only presence teams, office staff and our great clients. Ready to keep the cameras rolling and to continue working hard towards what we love. We hope you can all be part of something we are so passionate about and something Australia really needs, honest and reliable, supply and expertise, straight from the building industry, advice on what makes a work horse and what makes a lemon.

Welcome to Austools Direct! Keep those cameras rolling, you haven’t heard the last from us!

Check out our new YouTube Channel     –     Austools Direct – YouTube

Check out the link above for our new YouTube Channel! We’ve got some quality stuff coming up guys! Stay tuned, we wanted to do this quite some time ago but have just been keeping super busy! You guys are awesome and we are excited to open this next chapter for ourselves, we are passionate about the building industry and we have had a lot of success in it from running quite a large company, especially gathering the knowledge we have over the years.. If you guys want to check out our online marketplace at Austools Direct you can find us at – https://austoolsdirect.com.au

Go and check it out, you can find us on our other social media platforms also! We have all the media ready to go (its actually been sitting there for quite some time haha) and we are super keen to bring forth some of our strengths and knowledge and use it to educate others especially in the same industries! Thanks to all the legends who’ve been supporting us over the years, you guys know who you are! If you’re keen to check out some of our other content or some mad deals we have going on, ill drop the social platform links below!

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Website – https://austoolsdirect.com.au

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Kind Regards,
Austools Direct

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